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Our latest collection is also available on a sturdy, magnetic sheet of metal as a print.  

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We are happy to invite you on this years edition of the Open Ateliers.  The exhibition takes place in Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp. The exhibition runs from 24 September until 2 October.
The Ateliers of the artists are opened two weekends only: the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October, from 11h until 18h.


Also in October, we present a work in this groups exposition. 

Vernissage is 7 October in Den Hopsack.

For this event we chose the following abstract diptych. If you have the chance to drop by Den Hopsack, be sure to do so.  Located in the Grote Pieter Pot Straat.

The Sensitive Mind
80cm x 60cm x 3x75cm


"Faces Something"

New work in progress

Collection: 5 panels 20cm x 40cm
Oil, charcoal on canvas


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Abstract Collection Alpha


The transformation of a medium

With the advancement in techniques so also the work area of the painter becomes more fluid.  
The canvas remains in place but is transformed through the techniques used.  The paintings undergo the process of digitization via different capture media.  New markets appear and transform the medium itself by interaction with it.

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Image: Intermission


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Oil Paintings


Over a decade of painting ... in the cloud

The works of Rafaël are fresh, full of wonder for the medium.  In the experiment of creating (out of) nothingness, forms and meaning appear.  

The titling of the works form a great doorway to mind of the artist and form keynote in his untold epos Simple Subconscious Views.

We welcome you to discover these untold stories together.  

Images: Cloudy Atmoshpere
Oil, charcoal & medium on triptych canvas

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