Rafaël the artist

Rafaël is the idea of the Uomo Universale, that we can in fact not know everything but that if we ever strive to that, we strengthen our chances of learning something new. 

Rafaël was so lucky to be able to experiment with the arts as he sees it as the necessary force to interact in the field of information where also the absence of information contains knowledge.   

In that never-ending clash of information versus non-information a certain aspect of beauty lies hidden.  

The choice for the abstract is a conscious one, contrary to the manner of painting.  


Image: The World with Standing Gansh on Top

Rafaël il Uomo Universale

We can only reach for the highest possible good and that is a betterment of self.  But as this is also a unstoppable process so let's put our energy in the adaptation of knowledge and techniques.  

Rafaël is an Antwerp based abstract painter.  His oeuvre consists of large oil triptychs, diptychs and smaller work.

His skills are deliberately self thought as the experiment and the act of doing something new form the basis for what is also a personal discovery.

His favorite materials are oil, charcoal and medium.

A Stoical look

This infamous self portrait of the artist was used as the basis for multimedia development. 

The mouth is barely there but the eyes pierce of the work. 

It's painted on paper with black ink and the whole has a powerful expression. 

Image: Slight Ripped Self Portrait

Irresistable en inescapable

The paintings of Rafaël have something irresistible. 
His creations are evocations of our subconscious and a perfect example of how we build up our world by the act of perception.  Not two experiences are the same as they keep moving in a whirlwind of turbulent flux.

With his paintings, he defines a timeless spectacle of intricate beauty.

The intertwinement of visual creations and the abstract world has fascinated many for years.  

The creations have a natural feel over them, presenting a perception of nature's complexity.


Sensual complexity

His style is explosive yet sensual, evocative and playful while threatening in its overwhelmingly complexity. 

Rafaël choose a fine stroke and a mixture of different techniques to tell his epos.  

Untold Epos

In this epos, technological advancement, perceptional conditions, psychological roles, developments and human liberty are central to the cause. 

The titles are summaries of what could be chapters in his untold story.  

The life-size paintings are complex structures of an astonishing intricacy. 

They reveal key points, perspectives and an organizational force in an at first seemingly random pattern.  

Framework & Psychology

The artist used different techniques on the canvas though it doesn't feel as experiment.  All strokes are placed with a focused intention in perspective and relation to the previous composition.  

It is a building up of layered connections between techniques.  Yet it feels very strict, it's rigorous and slowly revealing in its presentation.  

Image: A Spring

Neural Pathways and Abstract Visions

They lay a pathway to free our senses momentarily by an abstract fractalization of reality. 

They are universes to be explored as they form extrapolations from the subliminal fictions of mind.