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Vienna Bronze Satyr with child by Bergmann

Vienna Bronze Satyr with child by Bergmann

Art Bronze Sculptures / private collection Atelier
(on display during the Open Ateliers last weekend of September '22)
Welcome to our statue of the month:
Vienna Bronze Satyr/ Baby sitting on devils shoulders - Bergmann

Brand: Franz Bergmann

What a beautiful bronze figure, a wonderful piece of Art Deco Vienna Bronze displaying a Satyr with a baby, sitting on his shoulders eating grapes. This sculpture is affixed onto a fragment of a well-shaped marble base and can be used as a great showpiece for admirers of Art Deco and Vienna Bronzes.

On the base of the sculpture, the artist Franz Bergmann, signed it with the stamp of his foundry giving this product a great finishing touch. It is a truly detailed museum bronze cast and focal point in every exhibition, in addition it is also an absolute eye-catcher for lovers of bronze sculptures, Art Deco or Vienna Bronze collectors and fans of satyr bronze figures.

The Art Deco Vienna bronze sculptures from the foundry “Bergmann” are famous art objects from Vienna, Austria. The foundry was established in 1884 by Franz Bergmann, where he discovered an affection for bronze artwork when he visited the Paris World Exhibition in 1884. His son, Franz Xaver Bergmann, become part of the foundry and continued his fathers work after he passed away.

Xaver Bergmann was an exceptional chaser, unfortunatly in 1930 during the great depression, the foundry was closed down.

After 14 long years Xaver Bergmann's son Robert and his wife reopened the foundry in 1954, sadly Robert passed away and his widow was the only holder of the foundry. She soon chose to sell it to „Fuhrmann & Co“, the company which is still continuing the tradition of Franz Bergmann under the new name "Bergmann- Vienna Bronze".

Width: 12 cm
Height: 40 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Weight: 2,8 kg

100% Bronze

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